To Smash and Tear. A classical combative Goju kata.

It is likely that Chojun Miyagi learned saifa during his travels in China or perhaps even that he synthesised it from techniques learned both in China and Okinawa. Some maintain that Kanryo Higaonna brought saifa kata back from Fuzhou where he learned the form from [[Ryu Ryu Ko]]. However goju-ryu's sister school, tou'on-ryu (the school of Higaonna's most senior student Juhatsu Kyoda) suggests strongly that only four kata were brought back by Higaonna (Sanchin, Sanseryu, Seisan and Suparinpei).

The name 'Saifa' uses the same Chinese character as for the 'sai' found in gekisai kata. The second character 'fa' means to tear or rip. It therefore means "to smash and tear". It is pronounced "sui-po" in Mandarin, "sai-fa" in Okinawan dialect and "sai-ha" in Japanese.


•The step into Heisoku Dachi (x3) is performed on a 45 degree angle, not straight ahead Goju Ryu.
Renoji Dachi is used instead of Sanchin Dachi for the Jodan Tetsui (x2) Goju Ryu.

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