1. 10 Hands, or Temple Hand (Form). It is a Shotokan kata.
2. A samurai-era steel weapon mostly carried by the police. It has a single short side prong along a longer main prong. Legend has the application being to catch the samurai's sword between the main prong and side prong, turning the jutte to trap the sword blade bewteen the two prongs. More likely this truncheon was used to club or poke the opponent.

Also referred to as Jutte, from the Yama-Uke techniques representing the shape of a Jutte.


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The kata has 27 movements.


The origins of Jitte come from Arhat boxing, also known as Monk Fist, and had a direct influence from the Southern Shaolin Temple (Shorei). The kata we know today has since developed from Tomari.

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