Domo Many or much. It is a very informal way of greeting, or... domo
Domo Arigato A formal thank you very much. arigato domo
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita A formal thank you very much. It is often said at the end of... arigato domo gozaimashita
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu A formal thank you very much, for what you are doing... arigato domo gozaimasu
Dori To grab, take, grasp, or to hold something. It is also... dori tori
Doshu A master of the way who has achieved enlightenment.... do doshu shu
Ebisu + Redirect to Ainu - Redirect to Ainu The aboriginal... ainu ebisu ezo
Edmond Otis FoldUnfold Table of Contents Biography Essential Shotokan... edmond otis people
Eku An Okinawan wooden oar which was an improvised weapon... eku
Embu 1. A demostration of martial spirit. 2. A two person... embu
Embujo A place where Martial Arts demonstrations are held. embujo
Embusen The line of action or movement. It is used as meaning the... embusen
Empi Elbow. Also called Hiji. Pronounced: em-pee anatomy empi hiji natural_weapons
Empi Kata The flight of the swallow pattern. A Shotokan kata, also... empi kata shotokan_kata video_free
Empi Uchi ... empi uchi
Empi Uke Elbow Block. A general term for the blocks using the elbow. empi uke
Empi Waza Elbow technique(s). Also called Hiji Waza. empi waza
Encho Overtime or extension round in a match. It is used to... competition encho
Enshin Centre of a circle, a preparatory position for certain group... enshin
Ensho + Redirect to Kakato - Redirect to Kakato Heel of the... ensho kagato kakato
Eri The lapel or collar of a jacket, coat or Gi. eri
Eri Dori Grabbing the collar, lapel or back of the neck. They are... dori eri
Erikubi Nape or Back of the Neck. anatomy erikubi
Ezo + Redirect to Ainu - Redirect to Ainu The aboriginal... ainu ebisu ezo
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Fu 1. Negation. 2. Wind. 3. Manner. fu
Fudo Fudo means immovable, immobility, rooted or stable. fudo
Fudo Dachi Immovable (or deeply rooted) stance. Also known as Sochin... dachi fudo sochin
Fuku 1. Clothing. 2. Heart (Okinawan). fuku
Fukubu Abdomen. anatomy fukubu
Fukubu Geri Abdomen Kick. fukubu geri
Fukushin Shugo Calling for a judges conference, i.e. the head referee... competition fukushin shugo
Fukuto The hollow of the back of the knee. It is an Atemi point... anatomy fukuto
Fumi Step. fumi
Fumi Uchi Strikes executed whilst you step forward. fumi uchi
Fumi Waza Stomping techniques. fumi waza
Fumikiri Geri Stomping Cutting Kick, a stamping sidekick using the blade... fumi fumikiri geri kiri
Fumikomi 1. Stomping action 2. Step near. fumi fumikomi komi
Fumikomi Age Uke Stepping in upper block. The technique is Age Uke, but... age fumikomi uke
Fumikomi Geri Stompimg kick in a downward direction. fumi fumikomi geri komi
Fumikomi Shuto Uke Stepping in knife hand block. The technique is Shuto Uke,... fumikomi shuto uke
Fumikomi Ude Uke Stepping in forearm block. fumikomi ude uke
Fumikomu To invade, step inside, or penetrate an opponent's space. fumikomu
Fumu To step or move. fumu
Funakoshi Gichin Gichin Funakoshi (船越 義珍, Funakoshi Gichin, November 10, 1868... funakoshi gichin people
Furi To swing, shake, or flail. May be in reference to a leg, arm... furi
Fusenhai A loss by default. competition fusenhai
Fusensho To win in contest by default. fusensho
Futari Two people. futari
Futaridori Practice against multiple opponents. dori futari futaridori
Futokoro Chest. anatomy futokoro
Gaeshi Counter, reversal, to reverse an action, come back, or... gaeshi
Gaiwan + Redirect to Haiwan - Redirect to Haiwan Outer forearm.... gaiwan haiwan
Gaku 1. Certificate or diploma. 2. To study. 3. Picture in a... gaku
Gan Eyeball. anatomy gan
Ganchu A target area between the fifth and sixth rib. anatomy ganchu
Ganka + Redirect to Ganchu - Redirect to Ganchu A target area... anatomy ganka
Gankaku Crane on a Rock (form). A Shotokan Kata, still known by its... gankaku kata shotokan_kata video_free
Ganmen Face, or front of the head. anatomy ganmen
Ganseki Otoshi Stone Drop. It is: 1. A Judo throw. 2. In Aikido, it is an... ganseki otoshi
Garami To entwine, entangle or wrap up. garami
Garami Waza Entangling techniques where the opponent is locked into... garami waza
Garuma Wheel. Also spelt karuma.
Garyu 1. An individual's personal style or manner of doing... garyu
Gassho The standing position of obeisance with the palms held... gassho
Gasshuku A special training camp, workshop, or seminar. gasshuku
Gata + Redirect to Kata - Redirect to Kata 1. A pattern,... gata kata
Gatame To lock. Also spelled katame. It comes from katameru meaning... gatame
Gatame Waza Locking or pinning techniques. gatame waza
Gawa Side. gawa
Gedan Lower level, from the waist down. Pronounced: geh-daan bodyareas gedan
Gedan Barai A lower level sweeping attack with a polearm, naginata, or a... barai gedan
Gedan Barai Uke Lower Level Sweeping Block. Also referred to as groin block.... barai gedan uke video_free
Gedan Keri Uke Lower level kick block. gedan geri keri uke
Gedan Tzuki Lower level punch, a general term for punches targetting the... gedan tzuki
Gedan Uke Lower level block. gedan uke
Gei Art or science, similar to Jutsu. gei
Geiko Practice. geiko
Gekisai 1. To attack and smash. 2. Empty Air (part of a Kata... gekisai
Gekisai Dai Ichi A Goju Kata, meaning either First Major Attack and Smash, or... dai gekisai goju_kata ichi kata
Gekisai Dai Ni A Goju Kata, meaning either Second Major Attack and Smash,... dai gekisai goju_kata kata ni
Gekon A vulnerable area/pressure point located just below the... gekon kyusho
Gen 1. Original. 2. Fist. anatomy gen
Gendai Bujutsu Modern Martial Arts, contrasting to Kobudo (ancient fighting... bu bujutsu gendai jutsu
Genshi Intuition, the ability to anticipate an attack. Also called... genshi
Genshin + Redirect to Genshi - Redirect to Genshi Intuition, the... genshin
Geri Kick. Also called Keri when at the start of a sentence, from... geri keri
Geta A type of Japanese wooden platform shoe or 'clogs', designed... geta
Getsu Moon, or month. getsu
Gi 1. A training uniform. 2. Skill or technique. It is an... gi
Giri 1. To cut. It is also spelled as kiri. 2. Duty or... giri
Go 1. Five/fifth. 2. Hard. 3. A prefix denoting later. An... counting go
Go Kan Ryu Hard Complete Style. Often abbreviated to GKR. go kan ryu
Go No Kata The Hard Pattern. A GoSoku Ryu kata. go gosoku_kata kata
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