Awase Uke 1. Open handed augmented side block. 2. A general term for... awase uke
Awase Waza 1. Combination techniques. 2. A contest victory achieved by... awase waza
Ayumi Normal or natural. ayumi
Ayumi Ashi Natural foot, meaning normal or natural walking. The back... ashi ayumi
Ayumi Dachi A natural walking stance with the weight over the centre. ayumi dachi
Azato Anko Master of Shuri-te. anko azato people
Ban Number. ban
Barai Sweep or sweeping. Same as Harai. Pronounced: beh-rye barai harai
Barraki Grading. barraki
Bassai Dai To Penetrate or Storm a Fortress, major version. A Shotokan... bassai dai kata shotokan_kata video_free
Bassai Sho To Penetrate or Storm a Fortress, minor version. A Shotokan... bassai kata sho shotokan_kata
Benkai Inside of the shin bone. anatomy benkai
Benkyokai A study association. These are training sessions for... benkyokai
Betei The bones at the base of the spine. anatomy betei
Bi Nose. anatomy bi
Bitei Coccyx or tail bone. This is a vulnerable area of the spine... anatomy bitei
Bo 1. Straight. 2. Wood or wooden. It is used to mean a staff... bo
Bobu War or combat. bobu
Body Areas The body is divided into Jodan, Chudan and Gedan. bodyareas chudan gedan jodan
Bogu Body armor, or a generic term to mean Kendo equipment. bogu
Bojutsu Staff art. The art of using the staff as a weapon. bo bojutsu jutsu
Boshi Thumb or big toe. anatomy boshi
Bu 1. Martial. It is a Chinese character used in Japanese. The... bu
Bu Jutsuka A person who practices martial arts. bu jutsu jutsuka ka
Bubishi Book of Okinawan Martial Arts - A thirty-two article... bubishi
Budo Martial Way. A manner by which to conduct yourself – With... bu budo do
Budo Seishin Martial Spirit, also referred to as the scientific study of... budo seishin
Budoka A practitioner of the martial arts. budo budoka ka
Bugei Martial or military arts, normally referring to classical... bu bugei gei
Bugeisha + Redirect to Budoka - Redirect to Budoka A practitioner... bugeisha
Bujin 1. Warrior Person. It is the name of a category of low... bujin
Bujutsu Martial Art. Ageneric term for various martial arts. It... bu bujutsu jutsu
Bujutsu Taihaku Seiden A 16th Century Manual contain martial teachings of the time. bu bujutsu jutsu seiden taihaku
Buke Warrior Family/Military caste of Japan. buke
Buki Weapons or weaponry. buki
Bunkai Analysis, interpretation. bunkai
Buryoku Internal power or strength. buryoku
Bushi A warrior. It is the name of the warrior caste in feudal... bu bushi shi
Bushi No Te The Hand of the Warrior. A general term for unarmed martial... bushi no te
Bushido Way of the Warrior, or Warrior's Way. It is the warrior... bushi bushido do
Butokuden Hall of Martial Virtue. The headquarters of the Dai Nippon... butokuden
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Canadian Shotokan Karate Association (CSKA) The CSKA was founded in 1989. At that Time Sensei John... association canadian cska karate shotokan
Cha Brown. cha
Chakugan To pay attention to, take aim at, or to concentrate on. chakugan
Chi 1. Blood. 2. Earth. chi
Chibusa The breast of the human body, a striking point for many... anatomy chibusa
Chidori Ashi The Cross Over Step. A type of stepping movement where one... ashi chidori
Chii Kara + Redirect to Buryoku - Redirect to Buryoku Internal... chii kara
Chika Ma A close range position in which either opponent can attack... chika ma
Chikai Nearly, nearby or close. chika chikai i
Chikara 1. A general term for strength, power, force, or energy. It... chikara
Chikayoru To shorten the distance between yourself and the opponent. chika chikayoru yoru
Chimei A technique or strike that if executed with force and... chimei
Chinte Unusual hand (kata). It is an Okinawan karate form. chinte kata
Chinto + Redirect to Gankaku - Redirect to Gankaku Crane on a... chinto kata shorin_ryu_kata
Chokkaku At right angles. chokkaku
Choku Straight, as in Choku Tzuki (straight punch). choku
Choku Tzuki Straight punch, by default aimed at Chudan level. choku tzuki
Chokusen In a straight line. choku chokusen sen
Choshi Rhythm. choshi
Chowa The harmonious mental and physical reaction while at... chowa
Choyaku Hangeki A counter attack that involves jumping. choyaku hangeki
Chu 1. Loyalty. 2. Middle. chu
Chudan Middle level, from the waist up to the neck. Pronounced:... bodyareas chudan
Chudan no Kamae Middle level stance, or mid level ready position. With a... chudan kamae no
Chudan Tzuki Middle Level Punch. This generally refers to a Choku Tzuki... chudan tzuki
Chudan Ude Uke Middle Level Outer Forearm... chudan ude uke
Chudan Uke Middle level block, a general term for middle level blocks.... chudan uke
Chuge Uke Double block - a combined Gedan Barai Uke and Uchi Uke.... chuge morote uke video_free
Chui Attention as a warning about doing something wrong. In... chui competition
Chukitsu A vulnerable Atemi point in the fold of the elbow. chukitsu
Chusen 1. The centerline. In martial arts, the centerline of the... anatomy chusen competition
Chushin One's centre, core, or heart. Can refer to the centre of... chu chushin shin
Chusoku + Redirect to Koshi - Redirect to Koshi 1. Ball of the... anatomy chusoku josokutei koshi
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Dachi Stance. Also referred to as Tachi when used at the start of... dachi tachi
Dai Major, large, or great, in contrast to Sho (minor); As in... dai
Daimyo Great name. It was the title of a feudal Japanese lord,... daimyo
Daito Daito means great sword. It is one of several terms for a... daito
Daito Ryu Daito-ryu aiki jujutsu is a jujutsu school and the technical... daito ryu
Daka The centre or the middle. daka
Dan Rank, degree or level. Refers to Black Belt grades.... dan
Danchu The sternum. anatomy danchu
Danryoku Flexibility, required to make many karate techniques work... danryoku
De Advanced, or forward. de
De Ashi Osae Uke Advanced pinning of the foot/leg. Quite simply, standing on... ashi de osae uke
Deai Encountering, such as when opponents clash in combat. deai
Deai Osae Uke Smothering Block, done as one moves forward. Same as Osae... deai osae uke
Denko 1. Lighting flash or electric light. 2. The vital point on... anatomy denko
Denko Getsu Lightning Moon (unconfirmed). A GoSoku Ryu kata. denko denkogetsu getsu gosoku_kata
Deshi Disciple, pupil or trainee. They may be Seito (regular) or... deshi
Do 1. The way, path or road. 2. Degrees. 3. Motion, change, or... do
Do Kyaku Moving leg. do kyaku
Dojo 1. Place of the way. 2. Training hall or school. It's where... dojo
Dojo Kun School or Training Hall Rules/Oath. These maxims are often... dojo kun
Dokko A striking and pressure point in the hollow below the ears... dokko kyusho
Dome A stopping action. It is a method of blocking using a shield... dome
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