Yoko Geri Side kick. May be performed Keage (snap) or Kekomi (thrust).... geri video_free yoko
Yoko Mawashi Empi Uchi Side Round Elbow Strike. empi mawashi uchi yoko
Yon + Redirect to Shi - Redirect to Shi 1. Four. Same as Yon.... counting shi yon
Yondan Fourth level. Same as Yodan. counting dan yodan yon yondan
Yonhon Nukite Four point/fingers spear hand. anatomy natural_weapons nukite yonhon
Yori Ashi Sliding step, to get closer to your opponent without... ashi yori
Yubi Finger, or fingers. Pronounced: yew-bee yubi
Yudansha A Black-Belt holder of any rank. This is in contrast to... yudansha
Zanshin A state of readiness and alertness for a potential attack; a... zanshin
Zen 1. Forward. 2. All. 3. A type of Dhyana Buddhism brought... zen
Zenkutsu Forward leaning. Term Composition + Zen - Zen 1. Forward.... kutsu zen zenkutsu
Zenkutsu Dachi Forward leaning stance. Weight is 70% front, 30% back.... dachi kutsu video_free zen zenkutsu
Zenwan Forearm. anatomy zenwan
Zhang Zhuanyi Creator of kata such as Seisan, from the Shorei Temple in... people zhang zhuanyi
Zuki + Redirect to Tzuki - Redirect to Tzuki Punch. Same as... tzuki zuki
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