Tate Uke Vertical Hand Block. Normally executed at Jodan (upper...
Te 1. Hand. 2. A name for the early Okinawan empty handed... anatomy te
Te Waza Hand techniques. te waza
Teiji Dachi T stance, feet forming the letter T . The name comes from... dachi te teiji
Teisho Palm heel. Also spelt Tesho. Same as Shotei. anatomy natural_weapons shotei teisho tesho
Teisho Awase Uke Palm heel combined block. awase teisho uke
Teisho Uchi Palm Heel Strike. teisho uchi
Teisho Uke Palm heel block. teisho uke
Tekki Nidan Iron Horse (Inner Step/Rooted to the Ground), Second Level.... kata nidan shotokan_kata tekki video_free
Tekki Sandan Iron Horse (Inner Step/Rooted to the Ground), Third Level. kata sandan shotokan_kata tekki
Tekki Shodan Iron Horse, First Level1. A Shotokan Kata. Videos Free... kata shodan shotokan_kata tekki video_free
Tekubi Wrist. Literally it means neck of the hand. Also called... anatomy kubi te tekubi
Tekubi Kake Uke Bent wrist block. It is a block done by deflecting an attack... kake tekubi uke
Tenchi Heaven and earth. It is the concept of combining high and... tenchi
Tenshin Sideward body shifting. tenshin
Tensho Rolling or fluid hand (kata). kata tensho
Tento The Atemi point on top of the skull. tento
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Tetsui Hammer fist, striking with the little finger end of the... anatomy ken kentsui natural_weapons te tetsui tsui
Tetsui Uchi Hammer fist strike. Striking with the little finger end of... te tetsui tsui uchi video_free
Tobi Jumping. tobi
Tobi Geri Jumping kick. geri tobi
Tobi Mae Geri Jumping (or flying) front kick. Pronounced: toe-bee my... geri mae tobi video_free
Tobi Mawashi Geri Jumping (or flying) round kick. geri mawashi tobi
Tobi Yoko Geri Jumping (or flying) side kick. Pronounced: toh-bee... geri tobi video_free yoko
Tokui Favourite. tokui
Tome Stopping. tome
Tome Waza Stopping techniques. tome waza
Tori 1. The giver, the active person doing a technique to another... tori
Tori Waza Grabbing Techniques. Dori (to grab) is spelt as Tori when it... dori tori waza
Toukon Fighting Spirit. toukon
Tsugi Ashi Thrusting step or following foot. A method of stepping where... ashi tsugi
Tsui Hammer. tsui
Tsukami Seizing, grasping, grabbing. tsukami
Tsukami Uke Grasping block. tsukami uke
Tsukami Waza Grasping technique. tsukami waza
Tsuki + Redirect to Tzuki - Redirect to Tzuki Punch. Same as... tsuki tzuki
Tsukuri A fitting or blending action taken after the opponent is off...
Tsuma Toe. anatomy tsuma
Tsumasaki Toe tip. anatomy saki tsuma tsumasaki
Tsumasaki Dachi Toe tip stance. Pronounced: sew-mah-saa-key dah-chee dachi saki tsuma tsumasaki
Tsuri Crane. tsuri
Tsuri Ashi Dachi Crane leg stance, also spelt Tsuru Ashi Dachi. The foot of... ashi dachi tsuri
Tsuru Ashi Dachi ... ashi dachi tsuru
Tsuyoi Strong. tsuyoi
Tsuyoku Be Strong. Part of Gosoku Ryu's Dojo Kun: Soke Kunji. tsuyoku
Tzuki Punch. Same as Zuki and Tsuki. Pages tagged with Tzuki: tzuki
Tzuki Uke Punching block. The defender punches the incoming strike to... tzuki uke
Tzuki Waza Punching and thrusting techniques. tzuki waza
Uchi 1. Strike 2. Inside Pages tagged with Uchi: uchi
Uchi Deshi Live-in disciple, pupil or trainee - literally inside... deshi uchi
Uchi Hachiji Dachi Inward Figure Eight Stance. Like Hachiji Dachi, but with the... dachi hachiji uchi
Uchi Komi Practicing by repeating a technique many times with a... komi uchi
Uchi Ude Uke + Redirect to Uchi Uke - Redirect to Uchi Uke Inside... uchi ude uke
Uchi Uke Inside Block. Normally performed at Chudan level but can... soto uchi uke video_free
Uchimata Dachi Inside thigh/groin stance. Wide shoulder width, toes in. ... dachi mata uchi uchimata
Ude Arm, or forearm. Part used to block in Age Uke. Pronounced:... anatomy ude
Ude Uke Forearm block. ude uke
Ue Up, upper, above, or over. ue
Uke 1. Block, blocking 2. The person receiving the... uke
Uke No Kata The Blocking Pattern. A GoSoku_Ryu kata using a embusen... gosoku_kata kata no uke
Uke Waza Blocking Techniques. uke waza
Ukemi Falling, breakfalling, or falling safely. It literally means... ukemi
Ukemi Waza Breakfall, or falling techniques. ukemi waza
Unsu Hands of a Cloud. It is a Shotokan kata. Videos Free Videos kata shotokan_kata unsu video_free
Ura Reverse, back or rear. used to describe when a technique is... ura
Ura Mawashi Geri Reverse Round Kick, striking at full extension of the leg.... geri gyaku mawashi ura video_free
Uraken Back or inverted fist, the top of the knuckles. Pronounced:... anatomy ken ura uraken
Uraken Uchi Back Fist Strike. Pronounced: oo-rah-ken oo-chee Free Videos ken uchi ura uraken video_free
Ushiro Back, backwards, rear, or behind. Pronounced: oo-she-row ushiro
Ushiro Empi Uchi Back Elbow Strike. empi uchi ushiro
Ushiro Geri Back Kick. May be performed Keage (snap), but most commonly... geri ushiro video_free
Ushiro Mawashi Geri Backward Roundhouse Kick. geri mawashi ushiro
Uto The bridge of the nose - a pressure point. kyusho uto
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Wa Accord, harmony or Peace. An example is the Karate style... wa
Wado Way of peace, or the accord way. do wa wado
Wado Ryu The accord way style, or way of peace school (of Karate). It... ryu wado
Waki 1. Armpit. 2. Side of the chest. anatomy waki
Wan Arm. wan
Wankan King's Crown. A Shotokan kata, also an Okinawan karate... kata shotokan_kata wankan
Wara Straw. wara
Washide Eagle hand. Striking with the fingertips pressed together,... natural_weapons washide
Waza Technique. Pronounced: wah-zah Pages tagged with Waza: waza
Waza Ari Half point (in competition). Literally means almost a... ari waza
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Wellington Region Karate Academy (WRKA) The Wellington Region Karate Academy (WRKA) is a non-profit... academy association karate region video_free wellington wrka
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WRKA GoSoku Ryu Syllabus The following is the syllabus applied by the Wellington... gosoku syllabus wrka
Yako The upper, inner thigh. anatomy yako
Yakusoku Kumite Pre-arranged Sparring. A type of partner sparring where each... kumite yakusoku
Yama Tzuki Mountain Punch. A wide U-shaped double punch done at upper... tzuki yama
Yame Stop. command yame
Yasutsune Itosu Master Ankoh Yasutsune Itosu (1813-1915) was the creator... itosu people yasutsune
Yodan Fourth level. Same as Yondan. counting dan yodan yon yondan
Yoi Ready, a state of alertness and awareness. Pronounced: yoy command yoi
Yoko Side, sideways, to the side. Pronounced: yoh-koh yoko
Yoko Empi Uchi Side Elbow Strike. Pronounced: yo-ko em-pee oo-chee empi uchi video_free yoko
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