Abara Ribs. abara anatomy
Achi The arch on the bottom side of the foot. achi anatomy
Age To lift or raise up, to elevate. It comes from ageru. It is... age
Age Hiji Ate ... age ate empi hiji mae uchi
Age Oroshi To move something up and down; or to raise and lower... age oroshi
Age Tzuki Rising Punch: 1. The fist rises and strikes under the chin... age tzuki
Age Uchi Rising strike (uppercut). age uchi
Age Uke Rising block. Always performed at Jodan level. It may be... age uke video_free
Ago Jaw or chin. ago anatomy
Ago Oshi To push an opponent's chin upward to destroy his balance or... ago oshi
Ago Uchi Jaw strike. ago uchi
Agura An informal cross legged sitting position. agura
Ai To join, to fit together, meeting or harmony. ai
Ai Hanmi Same or matched stance. Two individuals are both facing each... ai hanmi kamae
Ai Kamae + Redirect to Ai Hanmi - Redirect to Ai Hanmi Same or... ai hanmi kamae
Ai Noke Mutual preservation. ai noke
Ai Uchi Simultaneous strikes by both fighters. In competition, no... ai uchi
Aiki Harmonious spirit, or spirit meeting. The joining together... aiki
Aiki Budo Harmonious energy martial way. It was a term used by Ueshiba... aiki budo
Aiki Nage Blending throw. aiki nage
Aiki No Kurai The highest consciousness of harmonious energy. aiki kurai
Aiki No Sen The initative of harmonious energy. It means benefiting... aiki sen
Aiki Otoshi Spirit meeting drop. It is a hip throw similar to Koshi Nage...
Aikido Spirit meeting way. It is a derivitative martial way from a...
Aikidoka An individual who practices Aikido. aikido aikidoka ka
Aikite Harmony hand. aiki aikite te
Ainu The aboriginal people who were the original people living in... ainu ebisu ezo
Ainuke A relationship with another that prevents fighting due to... ainuke
Aite 1. Opponent or training partner. 2. Uniting hand or joining... aite
Aite Juji Ukemi Uniting crossing falling, or partner figure ten arm lock... aite juji ukemi
Aite No Tsukuri Conditioning of your opponent or partner. The preparing or... aite tsukuri
Aka Red. Often used to refer to the red competitor in... aka
Akiresu Ken Achilles tendon. akiresu anatomy ken
Akushu Handshake. akushu
Amado 1. The lymph glands around the lower neck, a vital point... amado anatomy
Amma Massage, or a person giving a massage. amma
Ana Hole or opening (e.g. in the opponent's defence). ana
Anado Both sides. anado
Ananku Light/Peace/Safety from the South. A Shorin Ryu kata. ananku kata shorin_kata
Anatomy Parts of the human body - also see Natural Weapons. Pages... anatomy
Anatoshi Trapping. anatoshi
Ani Older brother. A general reference to more senior, for... ani
Ani Deshi Older brother student. This is an individual who is senior... ani deshi
Anime High powered. anime
Anso No Kata The meditation form. A GoSoku Ryu kata. anso gosoku_kata kata
Antei Balance, equilibrium, stability. antei
Anza An informal sitting position with the legs crossed in front... anza
Ao Blue. Used in karate competition to refer to the competitor... ao
Aoyagi Green Willow Tree (Kata). aoyagi
Arakaki Ankichi A master of Shorin Ryu.
Arashi Storm, wild, or rough. arashi
Arasoi Dispute or quarrel. arasoi
Arigato Thank you (informal). Pronounced: air-ee-ga-toe arigato
Arigato Gozaimashita An informal thank you, for what you have done (past tense -... arigato gozaimashita
Arigato Gozaimasu An informal thank you, for what you are doing (current... arigato gozaimasu
Arukikata Methods of walking (footwork). Also called Aruki gata. arukikata aruku
Aruku To walk; A method of inclined walking resulting in a... aruku
Asa Morning. asa
Asa Geiko 1. Morning training/practice. 2. It is also used to mean a... asa geiko
Asagasumi 1. The vital point/region just under the chin. 2. Morning... anatomy asagasumi
Asawati To sit down on the knees. asawati
Asawati Josketi To sit down as ease. asawati josketi
Ase Perspiration, sweat. ase
Ashi 1. Foot or leg (same as Ashibo). 2. To step. Pronounced:... anatomy ashi ashibo
Ashi Barai Foot or Leg Sweep. Also called Ashi Harai. There are many... ashi barai harai video_free
Ashi Dome To check the opponent's leg movement with your own foot or... ashi dome
Ashi Fumikae To change legs/feet. ashi fumikae
Ashi Garami To wrap your leg around your opponent's leg. ashi garami
Ashi Garuma Foot wheel. It is a Judo throw. ashi garuma
Ashi Gata The form or position of the feet. ashi gata
Ashi Gatame Leg lock. A generic term for any type of immobilization or... ashi gatame
Ashi Harai + Redirect to Ashi Barai - Redirect to Ashi Barai Foot or... ashi barai harai
Ashi Hishigi Foot crush. It is a joint locking technique, where you apply... ashi hishigi
Ashi Kake Hooking foot displacement, where you hook your foot behind... ashi kake
Ashi Kubi Hishigi Ankle crushing. It is a joint locking technique. ashi hishigi kubi
Ashi No Ura Sole of the Foot. anatomy ashi ura
Ashi Sabaki Foot shifting, movement or footwork. ashi sabaki
Ashi Waza Leg and foot techniques. ashi waza
Ashi Yubi Toe or toes. Literally means foot fingers. anatomy ashi yubi
Ashibo + Redirect to Ashi - Redirect to Ashi 1. Foot or leg... anatomy ashi ashibo
Ashibo Kake Uke Leg hooking block. The leg is raised to the side and swung... ashibo kake uke
Ashikubi Ankle, literally meaning neck of the foot. anatomy ashi ashikubi kubi
Ashikubi Kake Uke Ankle Hooking Block. Can be used to block a Mae Geri (front... ashikubi kake uke
Atama Head. anatomy
Ate Pronounced: aah-tay + Redirect to Uchi - Redirect to Uchi... ate
Ate Waza Striking or smashing techniques. ate waza
Atemi Striking the body. They are the traditional striking... atemi
Atemi Waza Body (vital) striking techniques. atemi waza
Atenai Yoni A karate contest term meaning a warning without penalty. atenai yoni
Ateru Strike, hit or touch. ateru
Ato Move back. ato
Ato De Afterwards. ato de
Ato no Kehanashi A snapping kick using the back of the foot. ato kehanashi
Ato no Sen The defensive action taken at the instant the opponent... ato sen
Atoshi Baraku A contest term meaning that there is a little more time... atoshi baraku
Atsu Press. atsu
Attate Iru A karate contest term meaning that there was contact made to... attate iru
Atto Press down. atto
Awase Joining together or matching up. It was also used to... awase
Awase Tzuki U-punch, also called Morote Tzuki. Both hands punch at the... awase tzuki
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