How To Use This Site

This site has been designed for the many English-speaking Karateka in the world, who want to improve their understanding of Japanese terminology associated with Karate. We've been amazed at how this Wiki has helped our own development - creating simple associations we didn't think of before.

Terminology lists are everywhere, but we want more than a list of interpretations. We want to see definitions, phonetics, diagrams, photos and videos to help us understand what the terms mean. This is where Wiki technology can help - you can dedicate a web page to explain something, add whatever detail you like, then create interrelationships between terms to show their composition. Wikipedia is an awesome tool but there's little control over how everything fits together.

So we have created this public Wiki containing terms related to Karate. We research and define each term, add videos and compilations (see Current Projects - Oi Tzuki and Heian Shodan are good page examples), and use Page Tags to glue it all together.

We hope this Wiki is useful to you, and saves you some time surfing the web!

And, if we've gotten something wrong or missed something, you can Help Us Improve.

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